Accepted Papers
The following papers have been accepted for publication in the Kyoto Journal of Mathematics (KJM). Volume, issue, and DOI assignment will be made soon.

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Groups whose subgroups are either abelian or pronormal
Marco Trombetti, Mattia Brescia, Maria Ferrara
Limiting mixed Hodge structures on the relative log de Rham cohomology groups of a projective semistable log smooth degeneration
Taro Fujisawa
Higher-level cusp forms on exceptional group of type $E_{7}$
Henry H. Kim, Takuya Yamauchi
Dynamics of Chebyshev endomorphisms on affine algebraic varieties
Keisuke Uchimura
Averaging principles for mixed fast-slow systems driven by fractional Brownian motion
Bin Pei, Yuzuru Inahama, Yong Xu
Density of Noether–Lefschetz loci of polarized irreducible holomorphic symplectic varieties and applications
Giovanni Mongardi, Gianluca Pacienza
Capacity of the range of random walks on groups
Rudi Mrazović, Stjepan Šebek, Nikola Sandrić
Support theory of abelian categories—some discussion
Xuan Yu
The 2-Deligne tensor product
Thibault D. Décoppet
Rigidity results on totally real submanifolds in complex space forms
Dang Van Cuong, Nguyen Thac Dung, Nguyen Thi Kim Son
Galois covering of pure semisimple categories
Elham Mahdavi, Shokrollah Salarian, Razieh Vahed
A note on Fourier–Mukai partners of abelian varieties over positive characteristic fields
Zhiyuan Li, Haitao Zou
Homotopy type of the nilpotent orbits in classical Lie algebras
Indranil Biswas, Pralay Chatterjee, Chandan Mait
The strongly quasilocal coarse Novikov conjecture and Banach spaces with property (H)
Xiaoman Chen, Kun Gao, Jiawen Zhang
Double covers and extensions
Ciro Ciliberto, Thomas Dedieu
Étale endomorphisms of 3-folds, III
Yoshio Fujimoto
The $q$-Lidstone series involving $q$-Bernoulli and $q$-Euler polynomials generated by the third Jackson $q$-Bessel function
Maryam Al-Towailb, Zeinab Sayed Ibrahim Mansour
Auslander–Reiten conjecture and finite injective dimension of Hom
Dipankar Ghosh, Ryo Takahashi
Locally solvable maximal subgroups in division rings
Huynh Viet Khanh, Bui Xuan Hai
On conjectures of Sharifi
Takako Fukaya, Kazuya Kato
On Massey products and rational homogeneous varieties
Luca Rizzi
Stable sheaves on K3 surfaces via wall-crossing
Alessio Bottini
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