VOL. 15 · NO. 1 | January
Zakaria BARADINE, Youssou CISS, Aboubakary DIAKHABY
Afr. Stat. 15 (1), 2179-2197, (January) DOI: 10.16929/as/2020.2179.153
KEYWORDS: poverty line, poverty aversion, adaptive kernel, Foster, Greer and Thorbecke, Uniform convergence, asymptotic normality, 60F05, 62G05
Abiodun Waliyu OYEKUNLE, Kazeem Adedayo ADELEKE, Akinlolu Adeseye OLOSUNDE
Afr. Stat. 15 (1), 2199-2224, (January) DOI: 10.16929/as/2020.2199.154
KEYWORDS: time-varying co-variate, unobserved co-variates, non-proportional hazard model, inverse Cumulative Hazard, survival time, frailty models, Akaike information criterion, 62H2, 62F10
Roger KADJO, Ouagnina HILI, Aubin Yao N'DRI
Afr. Stat. 15 (1), 2225-2246, (January) DOI: 10.16929/as/2020.2225.155
KEYWORDS: Hellinger distance estimation, GARCH process, phi-mixing process, consistence, asymptotic normality, 62F12, 62G35, 62H12, 60G10
Bruno Enagnon LOKONON, Marcel SENOU, Romain GLÈLÈ KAKAÏ
Afr. Stat. 15 (1), 2247-2261, (January) DOI: 10.16929/as/2020.2247.156
KEYWORDS: binary multilevel modeling, random effects, non-normality, estimation methods, Bayesian approach, 81T80, 65C05, 62F15
Afr. Stat. 15 (1), 2263-2273, (January) DOI: 10.16929/as/2020.2263.157
KEYWORDS: Random walk, Pearson, characterization of laws, truncated moment, order statistics, upper record values and times, 60E05
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