Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series A, Mathematical Sciences

Discreteness criteria and algebraic convergence theorem for subgroups in $\mathit{PU}(1,n;C)$

Wensheng Cao and Xiantao Wang

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In this paper, we will study the discreteness criterion for non-elementary subgroups in $\mathit{PU}(1,n;C)$. Several discreteness criteria are obtained. As an application, the convergence theorem of discrete subgroups in $\mathit{PU}(1,n;C)$ is discussed.

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Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. A Math. Sci., Volume 82, Number 3 (2006), 49-52.

First available in Project Euclid: 4 April 2006

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Primary: 30F40: Kleinian groups [See also 20H10] 30C62: Quasiconformal mappings in the plane

Discreteness criterion convergence theorem subgroup in $\mathit{PU}(1,n;C)$


Cao, Wensheng; Wang, Xiantao. Discreteness criteria and algebraic convergence theorem for subgroups in $\mathit{PU}(1,n;C)$. Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. A Math. Sci. 82 (2006), no. 3, 49--52. doi:10.3792/pjaa.82.49.

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