Ways to support Project Euclid

When you support Project Euclid, you also support:

Competition in the publishing market for mathematics

Founded as an alternative to for-profit publishing, Project Euclid allows publishers of math and statistics to remain independent and to keep their publications affordable.

Open access

All Euclid Prime journal content older than five years is made freely available to the world, and thanks to Prime subscribers, Project Euclid is able to provide affordable services to other journals hosted on the platform that are fully open access.

Collaborations between libraries and publishers

Project Euclid is a partnership between Cornell University Library and Duke University Press. Each partner provides expertise in how scholarly communications platforms can balance the needs of the library community with those of smaller, independent, or not-for-profit publishers.

Diverse communities of researchers around the world

Project Euclid hosts several of the most eminent publications in the field, alongside many high-quality smaller titles. We also host a range of titles whose authors and editors come from global regions where the mathematics community is still developing. Project Euclid helps increase the visibility of this vital work, building a stronger, more diverse field of scholars.

If you are a librarian:

  • Subscribe to the Euclid Prime collection, which helps to support scholarship on the entire Project Euclid platform.
  • Include Project Euclid in LibGuides for mathematics and statistics.
  • Include Project Euclid in lists of open access resources (over 70% of content on the platform is open access).
  • Tell your faculty about the open access content on Project Euclid.
  • Tell your math subject specialists about scholarship on Project Euclid.

If you are a faculty member or researcher:

  • Tell your librarian about the resources you find valuable on Project Euclid.
  • Publish your work in titles on Project Euclid. As an online resource with 70% of its content openly available, it has global reach.
  • If you are an editor or editorial board member, talk with us about hosting your publication on Project Euclid and other alternatives to for-profit commercial publishing.

Thank you for supporting fair and sustainable publishing outlets.

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