VOL. 30 · NO. 4 | November 2015
Statist. Sci. 30 (4), (November 2015) Open Access
No abstract available
Statist. Sci. 30 (4), (November 2015) Open Access
No abstract available
Anne-Marie Lyne, Mark Girolami, Yves Atchadé, Heiko Strathmann, Daniel Simpson
Statist. Sci. 30 (4), 443-467, (November 2015) DOI: 10.1214/15-STS523 Open Access
KEYWORDS: intractable likelihood, Russian Roulette sampling, Monte Carlo methods, pseudo-marginal MCMC
J. S. Marron, James O. Ramsay, Laura M. Sangalli, Anuj Srivastava
Statist. Sci. 30 (4), 468-484, (November 2015) DOI: 10.1214/15-STS524 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Functional data analysis, registration, warping, alignment, elastic metric, dynamic time warping, Fisher–Rao metric
Giovanni Puccetti, Ruodu Wang
Statist. Sci. 30 (4), 485-517, (November 2015) DOI: 10.1214/15-STS525 Open Access
KEYWORDS: rearrangement, copulas, comonotonicity, countermonotonicity, pairwise countermonotonicity, joint mixability, $\Sigma$-countermonotonicity
José E. Chacón
Statist. Sci. 30 (4), 518-532, (November 2015) DOI: 10.1214/15-STS526 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Clustering consistency, distance in measure, Hausdorff distance, Modal clustering, Morse theory
Ruben Dezeure, Peter Bühlmann, Lukas Meier, Nicolai Meinshausen
Statist. Sci. 30 (4), 533-558, (November 2015) DOI: 10.1214/15-STS527 Open Access
KEYWORDS: clustering, Confidence interval, generalized linear model, high-dimensional statistical inference, linear model, multiple testing, $p$-value, R-software
Nicholas G. Polson, James G. Scott, Brandon T. Willard
Statist. Sci. 30 (4), 559-581, (November 2015) DOI: 10.1214/15-STS530 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bayes MAP, shrinkage, Sparsity, splitting, Kurdyka–Łojasiewicz, nonconvex, envelopes, regularization, ADMM, optimization, Divide and Concur
Louise Ryan
Statist. Sci. 30 (4), 582-596, (November 2015) DOI: 10.1214/15-STS528 Open Access
KEYWORDS: EM algorithm, longitudinal data, Meta-analysis, missing data, statistical genetics
Statist. Sci. 30 (4), 597-598, (November 2015) Open Access
No abstract available
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