VOL. 51 · NO. 2 | 2007
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Publ. Mat. 51 (2), (2007) Open Access
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Yanick Heurteaux
Publ. Mat. 51 (2), 243-290, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hausdorff dimension, Packing dimension, lower and upper dimension of a measure, Multifractal analysis, quasi-Bernoulli measures, 28A12, 28A78, 60F10, 28D05, 28D20, 60F20
Ewa Kozłowska-Walania
Publ. Mat. 51 (2), 291-307, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann surface, symmetry of Riemann surface, oval of a symmetry of a Riemann surface, 30F, 14H
Henryk Gzyl, Lázaro Recht
Publ. Mat. 51 (2), 309-332, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: exponential families, projective geometry, parallel transport, sequences of convolution type, 46L05, 53C05, 53C56, 62B01, 60B99, 60E05, 53C30, 51M05, 55M, 62A25, 22E, 33E
Kohei Ueno
Publ. Mat. 51 (2), 333-344, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: complex dynamics, symmetry, equivariant map, Hyperbolicity, Axiom A, 37C80, 37C80
Alano Ancona
Publ. Mat. 51 (2), 345-396, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Martin boundary, John domain, Green's function, Harnack boundary principle, Naïm kernel, quasi-metric, radial limit theorem, 31C15, 31C25, 35J05, 46E35
Xavier Tolsa
Publ. Mat. 51 (2), 397-456, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Calderón-Zygmund operators, weights‎, non-doubling measures, 42B20, 42B25
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