Special Issue in Honor of Professor Kichi-Suke Saito
VOL. 27 · NO. 1-2 | 2016
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Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), (2016) Open Access
No abstract available
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), (2016) Open Access
No abstract available
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), (2016) Open Access
No abstract available
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), i-ii, (2016) Open Access
No abstract available
Shuhei Wada, Takeaki Yamazaki
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 1-15, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: positive definite operators, operator mean, ALM mean, BMP mean, log-Euclidean mean, Karcher mean, power mean, logarithmic mean, 47A64, 47A30, 47A63
Masatoshi Fujii, Akemi Matsumoto, Masaru Tominaga
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 17-27, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Diaz-Metcalf inequality, Selberg inequality, Buzano inequality, ‎Furuta inequality, Heinz-Kato-Furuta inequality and chaotic order, 47A63
Hiroshi Endo, Ryotaro Tanaka
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 29-40, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Chebyshev center, Felmat center, ‎absolute norm, ‎inner product space, 46C15, 46B20
Hiroyasu Mizuguchi
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 41-58, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: isosceles orthogonality, Birkhoff orthogonality, ‎absolute normalized norm, piecewise linear function, 46B20
Yuki Seo
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 59-65, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: geometric mean, Ando-Li-Mathias mean, Hadamard product, 47A64, 47A63, 47A80
Wataru Takahashi
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 67-88, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: split common null point problem, fixed point, metric resolvent, ‎hybrid method, shrinking projection method, duality mapping, 47H05, 47H09
Toshiharu Kawasaki
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 89-97, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: fixed point Theorem, convergence theorem, widely more generalized hybrid mapping, Banach space, Hilbert space, 47H10
Keiichi Watanabe
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 99-115, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Möbius gyrogroups, Möbius gyrovector spaces, 51M10, 20N05, 46C99, 51P05
Masatoshi Fujii, Ritsuo Nakamoto
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 117-123, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Löwner--Heinz inequality, ‎Furuta inequality, ‎Grand Furuta inequality, 47A63, 47B10, 47A30
Ken-Ichi Mitani, Noriyuki Tabiraki, Tomoyoshi Ohwada
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 125-133, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Dunkl-Williams inequality, triangle inequality, 46B20
Eiichi Nakai
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 135-146, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Musielak-Orlicz spaces, ‎variable exponent, pointwise multiplier, pointwise multiplication, 46E30, 46B42
Yoshiaki Okazaki
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 147-154, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: measurable function, $L_0$, convergence in measure, topological linear space, truncated $L_{\infty}$ space, 46A16, 46E30, 28A20
Peng-Ruei Huang, Hiroshi Nakazato
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 155-165, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Boundary, $q$-numerical range, convex set, 15A60, 11R29
Koji Aoyama
Nihonkai Math. J. 27 (1-2), 167-180, (2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: viscosity approximation method, quasinonexpansive mapping, fixed point, pseudo-contraction, 47H09, 47H10, 41A65
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