VOL. 23 · NO. 1 | 2012
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Nihonkai Math. J. 23 (1), (2012) Open Access
No abstract available
Takahiro Sudo
Nihonkai Math. J. 23 (1), 1-10, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: C*-algebra, residual dimension, irreducible representation, 46L05, 46L80
Koji Matsuo
Nihonkai Math. J. 23 (1), 11-19, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hermitian pseufo-curvature tensor, pseudo-Bochner curvature tensor, l.c.K. submanifods, PG-equation, totally geodesic in the Hermitian sense, 53C55, 53C40
Byung Keun Sohn
Nihonkai Math. J. 23 (1), 39-47, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: exponential distributions, Multiresolution Expansion, quasiasymptotics, wavelet transform, Wavelet Coefficient, 41A60, ‎42C40, 46F12
Nobuhiro Innami
Nihonkai Math. J. 23 (1), 43-55, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: geodesic flow, Billiard, pole, Torus, circle, 53C22, 58E10
Takahiko Nakazi
Nihonkai Math. J. 23 (1), 43-55, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: interpolation, $\ell^1$, $F$-space, Hardy space, Smirnov class, 32A35‎, 46K15
No abstract available
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