VOL. 15 · NO. 4 | 2006
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Experiment. Math. 15 (4), (2006) Open Access
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Andrew R. Booker
Experiment. Math. 15 (4), 385-408, (2006) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Artin's conjecture, Galois representations, $L$-functions, Turing's method, Riemann hypothesis, 11F80, 20C15, 11Y35, 11M26
Jesús Guillera
Experiment. Math. 15 (4), 409-414, (2006) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ramanujan series, series for $1/\pi$, Domb numbers, Apéry numbers, Dedekind $\eta$ function, Jacobi $\theta$ functions, 11F03
Bjorn Poonen
Experiment. Math. 15 (4), 415-420, (2006) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Chabauty, Jacobian, Brauer--Manin obstruction, Hasse principle, 11G30, 11G10, 14G05
Janko Gravner, David Griffeath
Experiment. Math. 15 (4), 421-444, (2006) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Asymptotic density, cellular automaton, exact solvability, Growth model, macroscopic dynamics, thickness, 37B15, 68Q80, 11B05, 60K05
I. R. Hentzel, L. A. Peresi
Experiment. Math. 15 (4), 445-470, (2006) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Free alternative algebras, nucleus, polynomial identities, computational algebra, 17D05, 17D10, 17-04, 17-08
Steven Glenn Jackson, Alfred G. Noël
Experiment. Math. 15 (4), 455-470, (2006) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Nilpotent orbits, prehomogeneous spaces, 17B05, 17B10, 17B20, 22E30
Irene García-Selfa, José M. Tornero
Experiment. Math. 15 (4), 471-478, (2006) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Elliptic curves, arithmetic progressions, 11G05, 14H52, 11B25
P. M. H. Wilson
Experiment. Math. 15 (4), 479-490, (2006) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ternary cubics, invariant theory, curvature, combinatorial inequalities, 15A72, 32J27, 14H52, 53A15
M. C. Romero Fuster, D. Hacon, C. Mendes de Jesus
Experiment. Math. 15 (4), 491-498, (2006) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Stable maps, branch sets, isotopy invariants, fold maps, Graphs, 57R45, 57M15, 57R65
Pablo Shmerkin, Boris Solomyak
Experiment. Math. 15 (4), 499-511, (2006) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Zeros of power series, self-affine fractals, 30C15, 28A80
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