VOL. 12 · NO. 4 | 2003
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Experiment. Math. 12 (4), (2003) Open Access
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Kay Magaard, Sergey Shpectorov, Helmut Völklein
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 385-394, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Braid group, Hurwitz space, monodromy group of a cover, moduli space of curves, 12F12, 20G40, 20B40, 14H30, 14H10, 14Q05
Pierrick Gaudry, Nicolas Gürel
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 395-402, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: cryptography, hyperelliptic curves, Kedlaya's algorithm, point counting, 11G20, 11Y16, 14Q05, 14H45, 11T71, 14H40
Richard Oberlin, Brian Street, Robert S. Strichartz
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 403-418, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Sierpinski gasket, sampling theory, Dirichlet kernel, analysis on fractals, spectral decimation, 28A80, 42C99, 94A20
Arnaud Jehanne, Xavier-Francois Roblot, Jonathan Sands
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 419-432, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: number fields, Stark conjectures, icosahedral Galois representations, Artin L-functions, 11Y40, 11R42
Michel Deza, Mathieu Dutour
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 433-440, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: cone, lattice, hypermetric, Delaunay polytope, 11H06, 52B20
Gert Almkvist, Christian Krattenthaler, Joakim Petersson
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 441-456, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Fast converging series for Pi, determinant evaluations, 11Y60, 15A15
G. Rhin, J.-M. Sac-Épée
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 457-462, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Mahler measure, polynomials table, random drawings, 12\_04, 11Y40
Ernesto Girondo
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 463-476, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann surfaces, regular dessins d'enfants, 30F10, 05C25
R. Sinclair
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 477-486, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: conjugate locus, Caustic, ellipsoid, 53C20, 53-04
George Havas, Edmund F. Robertson
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 487-490, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Cyclic presentations, trivial group, 20F05, 20-04, 20D99
Timoteo Carletti
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 491-506, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Complex Bruno Function, Yoccoz Function, linearization of quadratic polynomial, Littlewood-Paley dyadic decomposition, Continued fraction, Farey series, 37F50, 42B25
Jesús Guillera
Experiment. Math. 12 (4), 507-510, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ramanujan-type series for Pi, generalized hypergeometric series, 33C20
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