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Grégory Miermont
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Johan Jonasson
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Thomas Kurtz, Richard Stockbridge
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Amaury Lambert
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KEYWORDS: multivariate renewal theory, Regenerative sets, subordinator, random covering intervals, 60K05, 60G51
Owen Lyne, David Williams
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KEYWORDS: weak solutions, Travelling waves, Martingales, Branching processses, 35L35, 60J27, 60G44
Vassili Kolokoltsov
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KEYWORDS: random triangulations, Random walks, mass trasport, Circle packing, volume growth, 82B41, 60J45, 05C10
Sergey Lototsky
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Donald Dawson, Zenghu Li, Hao Wang
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D. Feyel, A. de La Pradelle
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KEYWORDS: Wiener space, Sobolev space, stochastic integral, fractional Brownian motion, Itô's formula, 60H05, 60H07
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