Accepted Papers
The following papers have been accepted for publication in the Duke Mathematical Journal (DMJ). Volume, issue, and DOI assignment will be made soon.

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Convergence of normalized Betti numbers in nonpositive curvature
Miklós Abért, Nicolas Bergeron, Ian Biringer, Tsachik Gelander
Dimension of invariant measures for affine iterated function systems
De-Jun Feng
The Steinberg representation is irreducible
Andrew Putman, Andrew Snowden
Equality of critical parameters for percolation of Gaussian free field level-sets
Hugo Duminil-Copin, Subhajit Goswami, Pierre-François Rodriguez, Franco Severo
Crossing probabilities for planar percolation
Laurin Köhler-Schindler, Vincent Tassion
Structure theorems for actions of homeomorphism groups
Lei Chen, Kathryn Mann
Bessel models for real unitary groups: The tempered case
Hang Xue
Existence of mean curvature flow singularities with bounded mean curvature
Maxwell Stolarski
Outer space for RAAGs
Corey Bregman, Ruth Charney, Karen Vogtmann
Geometrically irreducible $p$-adic local systems are de Rham up to a twist
Alexander Petrov
Seshadri constants and K-stability of Fano manifolds
Hamid Abban, Ziquan Zhuang
The Weyl bound for triple product $L$-functions
Valentin Blomer, Subhajit Jana, Paul D. Nelson
Counting sheaves on Calabi–Yau 4-folds, I
Jeongseok Oh, Richard P. Thomas
Singularity of the $k$-core of a random graph
Asaf Ferber, Matthew Kwan, Mehtaab Sawhney, Ashwin Sah
Polyhedral approximation of metric surfaces and applications to uniformization
Dimitrios Ntalampekos, Matthew Romney
Stable rationality in smooth families of threefolds
Brendan Hassett, Andrew Kresch, Yuri Tschinkel
Masur–Veech volumes and intersection theory: The principal strata of quadratic differentials
Dawei Chen, Martin Möller, Adrien Sauvaget
Effective mapping class group dynamics, I: Counting lattice points in Teichmüller space
Francisco Arana-Herrera
La cohomologie des espaces de Lubin–Tate est libre
Pascal Boyer
The fourth moment of Dirichlet $L$-functions along a coset and the Weyl bound
Ian Petrow, Matthew Young
Hecke operators and analytic Langlands correspondence for curves over local fields
Pavel Etingof, Edward Frenkel, David Kazhdan
Arnold diffusion in multidimensional convex billiards
Andrew Clarke, Dmitry Turaev
The Du Bois complex of a hypersurface and the minimal exponent
Mircea Mustaţă, Sebastian Olano, Mihnea Popa
GOE fluctuations for the maximum of the top path in alternating sign matrices
Arvind Ayyer, Sunil Chhita, Kurt Johansson
Real and symmetric matrices
Tsao-Hsien Chen, David Nadler
Morse index, Betti numbers, and singular set of bounded area minimal hypersurfaces
Antoine Song
Correlation length of the two-dimensional random field Ising model via greedy lattice animal
Jian Ding, Mateo Wirth
On global solutions of the obstacle problem
Simon Eberle, Henrik Shahgholian, Georg S. Weiss
Anosov flows on Dehn surgeries on the figure-eight knot
Bin Yu
A twisted Yu construction, Harish-Chandra characters, and endoscopy
Jessica Fintzen, Tasho Kaletha, Loren Spice
Fine-scale distribution of roots of quadratic congruences
Jens Marklof, Matthew Welsh
An infinite-rank summand of the homology cobordism group
Irving Dai, Jennifer Hom, Matthew Stoffregen, Linh Truong
Partition and analytic rank are equivalent over large fields
Alex Cohen, Guy Moshkovitz
The unique tangent cone property for weakly holomorphic maps into projective algebraic varieties
Riccardo Caniato, Tristan Rivière
On the model theory of higher-rank arithmetic groups
Nir Avni, Chen Meiri
Mean field limit and quantitative estimates with singular attractive kernels
Didier Bresch, Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin, Zhenfu Wang
Small amplitude weak almost periodic solutions for the one-dimensional NLS
Luca Biasco, Jessica Massetti, Michela Procesi
Asymptotic stability of the sine-Gordon kink under odd perturbations
Jonas Lührmann, Wilhelm Schlag
Weak coupling limit of the anisotropic KPZ equation
Giuseppe Cannizzaro, Dirk Erhard, Fabio Lucio Toninelli
A proof of N. Takahashi's conjecture for $(\mathbb{P}^{2},E)$ and a refined sheaves/Gromov–Witten correspondence
Pierrick Bousseau
The breakdown of weak null singularities inside black holes
Maxime Van de Moortel
Stability conditions for 3-fold flops
Michael Wemyss, Yuki Hirano
On the model theory of higher-rank arithmetic groups
Nir Avni, Chen Meiri
Properly proximal von Neumann algebras
Changying Ding, Srivatsav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli, Jesse Peterson
Borel asymptotic dimension and hyperfinite equivalence relations
Clinton T. Conley, Stephen Jackson, Andrew Marks, Brandon Seward, Robin Tucker-Drob
Metric SYZ conjecture and non-Archimedean geometry
Yang Li
Shadows of characteristic cycles, Verma modules, and positivity of Chern–Schwartz–MacPherson classes of Schubert cells
Paolo Aluffi, Leonardo C. Mihalcea, Jörg Schürmann, Changjian Su
On the Hausdorff dimension of Furstenberg sets and orthogonal projections in the plane
Tuomas Orponen, Pablo Shmerkin
On topologically big divergent trajectories
Omri Solan, Nattalie Tamam
Quantitative stability of optimal transport maps under variations of the target measure
Alex Delalande, Quentin Mérigot
Higher regularity for singular Kähler–Einstein metrics
Shih-Kai Chiu, Gábor Székelyhidi
Log-concavity of matroid h-vectors and mixed Eulerian numbers
Andrew Berget, Hunter Spink, Dennis Tseng
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