VOL. 3 · NO. 3 | September 1997
Front Matter
Bernoulli 3 (3), (September 1997) Open Access
Bernoulli 3 (3), (September 1997) Open Access
Hira L. Koul, Anton Schick
Bernoulli 3 (3), 247-277, (September 1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Adaptivity, ergodicity, local asymptotic normality, semi-parametric time series, stationarity
Didier Dacunha-Castelle, Elisabeth Gassiat
Bernoulli 3 (3), 279-299, (September 1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hankel matrix, Mixture models, order
Richard E. Chandler
Bernoulli 3 (3), 301-322, (September 1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: periodogram, point process, rainfall modelling, spectral analysis, Whittle criterion
Edwin R. Van Den Heuvel, Chris A.J. Klaassen
Bernoulli 3 (3), 323-328, (September 1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: finite-sample inequality, nuisance parameters, spread
V. Bentkus, F. Götze, A. Tikhomoirov
Bernoulli 3 (3), 329-349, (September 1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: absolute regularity, asymptotically normal statistics, Berry-Esseen bounds, functions of sample means, linear combinations of order statistics, Mixing, studentized means, U-statistics, Weakly dependent random variables, functionals of empirical distribution functions
Sándor Csörgö, László Viharos
Bernoulli 3 (3), 351-370, (September 1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: asymptotic confidence intervals, asymptotic mean squared errors, least-squares estimators, tail index, universal asymptotic normality
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