VOL. 11 · NO. 5 | October 2005
Front Matter
Bernoulli 11 (5), (October 2005) Open Access
Bernoulli 11 (5), (October 2005) Open Access
G. Jongbloed, F.H. Van Der Meulen, A.W. Van Der Vaart
Bernoulli 11 (5), 759-791, (October 2005) DOI: 10.3150/bj/1130077593 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Lévy process, self-decomposability, support-reduction algorithm, uniform convergence of characteristic functions
Akimichi Takemura, Satoshi Aoki
Bernoulli 11 (5), 793-813, (October 2005) DOI: 10.3150/bj/1130077594 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Contingency tables, Graver bases, Gröbner bases, L_1-norm, Markov chain Monte Carlo, toric ideals
Yves F. Atchadé, Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
Bernoulli 11 (5), 815-828, (October 2005) DOI: 10.3150/bj/1130077595 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Adaptive Markov chain Monte Carlo, Metropolis algorithm, mixingales, parameter tuning, Robbins-Monro algorithm
Oliver Johnson, Richard Samworth
Bernoulli 11 (5), 829-845, (October 2005) DOI: 10.3150/bj/1130077596 Open Access
KEYWORDS: central limit theorem, Mallows distance, probability metric, Stable law, Wasserstein distance
James E. Young
Bernoulli 11 (5), 847-861, (October 2005) DOI: 10.3150/bj/1130077597 Open Access
KEYWORDS: combinatorial probability, combinatorial stochastic process, Exchangeable, random partition, sequential construction
I-Shou Chang, Chao Agnes Hsiung, Mei-Chuan Wang, Chi-Chung Wen
Bernoulli 11 (5), 863-892, (October 2005) DOI: 10.3150/bj/1130077598 Open Access
KEYWORDS: age at onset, asymptotic normality, Cox gene model, discrete frailty model, Identifiability, nonparametric maximum likelihood estimate, profile likelihood information
Gilles Pagès, Huyên Pham
Bernoulli 11 (5), 893-932, (October 2005) DOI: 10.3150/bj/1130077599 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Euler scheme, Markov chain, Nonlinear filtering, numerical approximation, stationary signal, Stochastic gradient descent, Vector quantization
Dominique Dehay
Bernoulli 11 (5), 933-948, (October 2005) DOI: 10.3150/bj/1130077600 Open Access
KEYWORDS: asymptotic normality, central limit theorem, consistency, continuous time, Empirical distribution function, mixing condition, stationary process, weak convergence
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