VOL. 12 · NO. 1 | March 2008
G. Mari Beffa
Asian J. Math. 12 (1), 1-34, (March 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Invariant evolutions of curves, flat homogeneous spaces, Poisson brackets, differential invariants, completely integrable PDEs, moving frames, 37K, 53A55
No abstract available
Henrik Koehler
Asian J. Math. 12 (1), 35-46, (March 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Global Riemannian geometry, rigidity results, curvature bounds, 53C21, 53C24
Yi Hu
Asian J. Math. 12 (1), 47-54, (March 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Toric Degeneration, chow quotient, moduli of curves, 14Dxx, 14Exx
No abstract available
Pietro De Poi
Asian J. Math. 12 (1), 55-64, (March 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Algebraic Geometry, focal loci, Grassmannians, congruences, 14M15, 14N15, 51N35
No abstract available
Florian Deloup, David Garber, Shmuel Kaplan, Mina Teicher
Asian J. Math. 12 (1), 65-72, (March 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Braid, palindrome, Garside, Jacquemard, 11E81, 11E39
No abstract available
Alireza Bahraini
Asian J. Math. 12 (1), 73-82, (March 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Monge-Ampère equation, Stein manifold, Continuity method, Pluri-subharmonic functions, 58J32, 35J25
Masahiro Shioya
Asian J. Math. 12 (1), 83-98, (March 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Stationary sets, cofinality, 03E04, 03E05
No abstract available
Chuu-Lian Terng, Erxiao Wang
Asian J. Math. 12 (1), 99-120, (March 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Flat Lagrangian immersion, Egoroff net, Ribaucour transformation, dressing action, permutability formula, Hopf fibration, 53, 37K35, 22E67
No abstract available
Jae-Hyouk Lee, Naichung Conan Leung
Asian J. Math. 12 (1), 121-144, (March 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Instanton, Brane, vector cross product, complex vector cross product, Calibrated submanifold, 37J05, 53C15, 53C25, 53C26, 53C38
No abstract available
Harish Seshadri, Fangyang Zheng
Asian J. Math. 12 (1), 145-150, (March 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Kähler manifolds, Product manifolds, bisectional curvature, negative curvature, 53B25, 53C40
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