VOL. 11 · NO. 4 | December 2007
Daniel Fox
Asian J. Math. 11 (4), 535-554, (December 2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Differential geometry, Calibrations, Coassociative, 53C38
No abstract available
Feng Luo
Asian J. Math. 11 (4), 555-566, (December 2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: 3-manifolds, constant curvature metrics, triangulations, Volume, angle structures, normal surfaces, Schlaefli formula, 57M30
Ziv Ran
Asian J. Math. 11 (4), 567-608, (December 2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Rational curve, projective space, normal bundle, enumerative geometry, cohomology theory, parameter spaces, 14N10, 14N05
No abstract available
Miran Cerne, Manuel Flores
Asian J. Math. 11 (4), 609-620, (December 2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: boundary value problem, Riemann-Hilbert problem, 30E25, 35Q15
No abstract available
Mohammad Ghomi
Asian J. Math. 11 (4), 621-634, (December 2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Shadow, shade, vision number, skew loop, tantrix, constant mean curvature, gauss map, two-piece-property, tight immersion, 53A05, 53A04, 52A15, 53C42
Baosen Wu
Asian J. Math. 11 (4), 635-650, (December 2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Rational curve, K3 surface, stable sheaf, Euler number, 14N35, 14D20
No abstract available
Gian Pietro Pirola
Asian J. Math. 11 (4), 651-670, (December 2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Monodromy, Constant curvature, Hyperbolic space, 58E15
Tatiana Mantuano
Asian J. Math. 11 (4), 671-698, (December 2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Connection, rough Laplacian, discrete magnetic Laplacian, Harper operator, Eigenvalues, discretization, holonomy, 58J50, 53C20
No abstract available
Jeanne N. Clelland, Christopher G. Moseley, George R. Wilkens
Asian J. Math. 11 (4), 699-726, (December 2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Sub-Finsler geometry, Engel manifolds, optimal control theory, exterior differential systems, Cartan’s method of equivalence, 53C17, 53B40, 49J15, 58A15, 53C10
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