VOL. 51 · NO. 6 | December 2023
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), (December 2023)
No abstract available
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), (December 2023)
No abstract available
Tatiana Komarova, Javier Hidalgo
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), 2299-2317, (December 2023) DOI: 10.1214/23-AOS2311
KEYWORDS: Monotonicity, convexity, concavity, U-shape, quasi-convexity, Log-convexity, convexity in means, B-splines, CUSUM transformation, distribution-free estimation, 05C38, 15A15, 05A15, 15A18‎
Snigdha Panigrahi
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), 2318-2341, (December 2023) DOI: 10.1214/23-AOS2318
KEYWORDS: carving, conditional inference, model-free, Post-selection inference, Randomization, selective inference, 62E20, 62G15, 62G20
Henry W. J. Reeve, Timothy I. Cannings, Richard J. Samworth
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), 2342-2365, (December 2023) DOI: 10.1214/23-AOS2328 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Subgroup selection, nonparametric inference, selective inference, FWER, 62G05
Linfan Zhang, Arash A. Amini
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), 2366-2385, (December 2023) DOI: 10.1214/23-AOS2329
KEYWORDS: degree-corrected stochastic block model, Goodness-of-fit test, Community detection, adjusted chi-square statistic, nonasymptotic, 62G20, 62E17, 62H99
Changryong Baek, Marie-Christine Düker, Vladas Pipiras
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), 2386-2414, (December 2023) DOI: 10.1214/23-AOS2330
KEYWORDS: high-dimensional time series, Frequency domain, Short- and long-range dependence, spectral density estimation, shrinkage estimation, local Whittle estimation, 62M15, 62H12, 62H20
Hendrik Paul Lopuhaä, Valerie Gares, Anne Ruiz-Gazen
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), 2415-2439, (December 2023) DOI: 10.1214/23-AOS2334 Open Access
KEYWORDS: S-estimators, S-functionals, Breakdown point, influence function, asymptotic distribution, structured covariance, repeated measurements, 62F35, 62F12, 62H12, 62J05
Stephen Berg, Hyebin Song
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), 2440-2470, (December 2023) DOI: 10.1214/23-AOS2335
KEYWORDS: Markov chain Monte Carlo, shape-constrained inference, autocovariance sequence estimation, asymptotic variance, 62G05, 60J05, 60J22
Simon Barthelmé, Pierre-Olivier Amblard, Nicolas Tremblay, Konstantin Usevich
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), 2471-2505, (December 2023) DOI: 10.1214/23-AOS2336
KEYWORDS: Gaussian processes, flat limit, splines, multivariate polynomials, 62G08, 65D10
Neil A. Spencer, Cosma Rohilla Shalizi
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), 2506-2525, (December 2023) DOI: 10.1214/23-AOS2340
KEYWORDS: network models, latent position network model, Latent space model, Random geometric graph, projective family, network sparsity, consistent estimation, 60G55, 62M09, 91D30
Mirko Armillotta, Konstantinos Fokianos
Ann. Statist. 51 (6), 2526-2552, (December 2023) DOI: 10.1214/23-AOS2345
KEYWORDS: contraction, Hypothesis testing, increasing dimension, multivariate count time series, 62M10, 62J02
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