VOL. 48 · NO. 6 | November 2020
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), (November 2020) Open Access
No abstract available
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), (November 2020) Open Access
No abstract available
David Belius, Wei Wu
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 2647-2679, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/19-AOP1416 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ginzburg–Landau field, stochstic interface models, extrema of log-correlated field, multiscale decomposition, 60G50, 60K35
Eero Saksman, Christian Webb
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 2680-2754, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1433 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann zeta function, multiplicative chaos, critical line, statistical behavior, Gaussian approximation, 60G57, 11M06, 60G15, 11M50
Erik Bates, Sourav Chatterjee
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 2755-2806, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1436 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Replica overlap, Gaussian disorder, Spin glasses, Directed polymers, path localization, 60K37, 60G15, 60G17, 82B44, 82D30, 82D60
Eric Carlen, Maria Carvalho, Michael Loss
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 2807-2844, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1437 Open Access
KEYWORDS: spectral gap, Degenerate rates, Kinetic theory, 60G07, ‎39B62, 35Q20
Dmitry Beliaev, Stephen Muirhead, Alejandro Rivera
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 2845-2893, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1438 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Gaussian fields, topology, covariance formula, 60G60, 60D05, 60G15
Benjamin Landon, Patrick Lopatto, Jake Marcinek
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 2894-2919, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1439 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Random matrix theory, Universality, Dyson Brownian motion, Extreme value theory, Eigenvalues, 60B20
Naotaka Kajino, Mathav Murugan
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 2920-2951, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1440 Open Access
KEYWORDS: symmetric diffusion, regular symmetric Dirichlet form, energy measure, singularity, Absolute continuity, heat kernel, sub-Gaussian estimate, Gaussian estimate, 31E05, 35K08, 60G30, 28A80, 31C25, 60J60
Jonathan Hermon, Perla Sousi
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 2952-2987, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1441 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Dynamical percolation, Mixing times, hitting times, spectral profile, 60F05, 60G50
Bruno Schapira
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 2988-3040, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1442 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Random walk, ‎range‎, capacity, central limit theorem, intersection of random walk ranges, 60F05, 60G50, 60J45
Alexei Kulik, Michael Scheutzow
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 3041-3076, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1449 Open Access
KEYWORDS: stochastic delay equation, generalized coupling, Weak solution, weak ergodic rate, Sensitivity, 34K50, 60H25, 60J25
Jonathan Hermon, Richard Pymar
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 3077-3123, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1455 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Exclusion process, Mixing-time, chameleon process, Particle system, 60J27, 60K35, 82C22
Milton Jara, Otávio Menezes
Ann. Probab. 48 (6), 3124-3149, (November 2020) DOI: 10.1214/20-AOP1466 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Random walk, entropy estimates, Fluctuations, Dynamic random environment, 82C22, 60K37, 60F17
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