VOL. 17 · NO. 2 | April, 1989
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Ann. Probab. 17 (2), (April, 1989) Open Access
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Thomas M. Liggett
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 403-432, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991408 Open Access
KEYWORDS: interacting particle systems, nearest particle systems, exponential convergence, Critical exponents, renewal theory, birth and death chains, Kaluza sequences, 60K35, 60K05, 60J27
Maury Bramson
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 433-443, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991409 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Nearest-particle system, low birth rate, survival, 60K35
M. Bramson, R. Durrett, G. Swindle
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 444-481, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991410 Open Access
KEYWORDS: contact process, renormalized bond construction, branching processes, 60K35, 60J80
M. D. Penrose
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 482-502, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991411 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Brownian self-intersections, Hausdorff dimension, Local time, Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process on Wiener space, 60G17, 60J55
Jean-Francois Le Gall, Jay S. Rosen, Narn-Rueih Shieh
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 503-515, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991412 Open Access
KEYWORDS: multiple points, Levy processes, 60J30
E. Csaki, M. Csorgo, A. Foldes, P. Revesz
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 516-537, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991413 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Local time, Wiener process (Brownian motion), Wiener sheet, strong approximations, 60J55, 60J65, 60G57, 60J60
Raisa Epstein
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 538-558, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991414 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Brownian sheets, string theory, square-integrable functionals, intersection local times, central limit theorems, Random fields, 60G15, 60G60, 60J55, 60G20
Ross Pinsky
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 559-572, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991415 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Diffusion processes, small parameter diffusion, random perturbation of dynamical systems, the averaging principle, 60J60, 60H10
T. S. Mountford
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 573-585, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991416 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Stable processes, polar sets, 60G17, 60J25, 60J30
David Aldous
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 586-595, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991417 Open Access
KEYWORDS: weak convergence, tightness, martingale, 60B10, 60G44
M. Ledoux, M. Talagrand
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 596-631, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991418 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Empirical processes, comparison theorems, Random geometry, limit theorems, 60F17, 60B12, 60F05
Simeon M. Berman, Norio Kono
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 632-650, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991419 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Gaussian process, Maximum, distribution tail, nonconstant variance, 60G15, 60G17
L. de Haan, S. T. Rachev
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 651-677, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991420 Open Access
KEYWORDS: probability metrics, rate of convergence, max-stable processes, 60E05, 60F05, 60B10, 60E07
Charles M. Goldie, Sidney Resnick
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 678-699, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991421 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bivariate extremal law, continuous lattice, Fell topology, hazard measure, lattice, Lawson topology, ‎partially ordered set, random closed set, records, semicontinuity, sup vague topology, upper semicontinuity, 60B05, 60K99, 06A10
Paul Deheuvels, Josef Steinebach
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 700-722, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991422 Open Access
KEYWORDS: renewal processes, laws of large numbers, weak laws, Law of the iterated logarithm, Invariance principles, 60F15, 60F05, 60F17, 60G55
Cun-Hui Zhang
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 723-736, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991423 Open Access
KEYWORDS: renewal theory, Uniform convergence, excess over the boundary, Fourier transformation, 60K05, 60G40
Kenneth S. Alexander
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 737-759, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991424 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Law of the iterated logarithm, cluster set, Banach-space-valued random variables, 60B12, 60F15
Deli Li, Zhiquan Wu
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 760-774, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991425 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Law of the iterated logarithm, Brownian sheet, pre-Gaussian, central limit theorem, 60B12, 60F15
S. T. Rachev, J. E. Yukich
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 775-788, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991426 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ideal probability metrics, convolution metrics, rates of convergence, Stable random variables, 60F05, 60G50, 60B10, 60B12, 60E07
William B. Johnson, G. Schechtman
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 789-808, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991427 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Independent random variables, Moment inequalities, Rosenthal's inequality, ‎rearrangement ‎invariant space, uniform approximation property, 60G50, 46E30
Qi-Man Shao
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 809-812, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991428 Open Access
KEYWORDS: invariance principle, increments of partial sums, 60F15
I. Iscoe
Ann. Probab. 17 (2), 813, (April, 1989) DOI: 10.1214/aop/1176991429 Open Access
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Ann. Probab. 17 (2), (April, 1989) Open Access
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