VOL. 1 · NO. 1 | 1996
Simeon Reich, David Shoikhet
Abstr. Appl. Anal. 1 (1), 1-44, (1996) DOI: 10.1155/S1085337596000012 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Banach space, Cauchy problem, exponential formula, holomorphic generator, hyperbolic metric, Lie generator, nonlinear semigroup, null point, resolvent, spectrum, 32H15, 34G20, 46G20, 47H10, 47H15, 47H20
Y. I. Alber, A. G. Kartsatos, E. Litsyn
Abstr. Appl. Anal. 1 (1), 45-64, (1996) DOI: 10.1155/S1085337596000024 Open Access
KEYWORDS: ‎Banach spaces, variational inequalities, convex sets, methods of iterative regularization, Lyapunov functionals, metric projection operators, monotone operators, perturbations, Hausdorff distance, convergence, stability, 49J40, 65K10, 47A55, 47H05, 65L20
N. Hirano
Abstr. Appl. Anal. 1 (1), 65-82, (1996) DOI: 10.1155/S1085337596000036 Open Access
KEYWORDS: ‎positive‎ ‎solutions, concentrate compactness method, homology groups, 35J60, 35J65
No abstract available
Yuncheng You
Abstr. Appl. Anal. 1 (1), 83-102, (1996) DOI: 10.1155/S1085337596000048 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Inertial manifold, stabilization, nonlinear beam equation, dissipative solution semigroup, Balakrishnan-Taylor damping, 35B40, 35L75, 73K05, 93D15
E. N. Dancer, Yihong Du
Abstr. Appl. Anal. 1 (1), 103-135, (1996) DOI: 10.1155/S108533759600005X Open Access
KEYWORDS: Conley index, elliptic equation, Critical point theory, fixed point index, 35J65, 35K20, 47H17, 58E05, superlinear problem
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