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Chung-Cheng Kuo

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Let $\alpha$ be a nonnegative number, and $\text{C}: \text{X} \to \text{X}$ a bounded linear operator on a Banach space $\text{X}$. In this paper, we shall deduce some basic properties of a nondegenerate local $\alpha$-times integrated $\text{C}$-cosine function on $\text{X}$ and some generation theorems of local $\alpha$-times integrated $\text{C}$-cosine functions on $\text{X}$ with or without the nondegeneracy, which can be applied to obtain some equivalence relations between the generation of a nondegenerate local $\alpha$-times integrated $\text{C}$-cosine function on $\text{X}$ with generator $\text{A}$ and the unique existence of solutions of the abstract Cauchy problem: $$\textrm{ACP}(A,f,x,y) \qquad \begin{cases} u''(t) = Au(t) + f(t) \quad \textrm{for } t \in (0,T_0), \\ u(0) = x, u'(0) = y, \end{cases}$$ just as the case of $\alpha$-times integrated $\text{C}$-cosine function when $\text{C} :\text{X}\to\text{X}$ is injective and $\text{A}:\text{D}(\text{A})\subset\text{X}\to\text{X}$ a closed linear operator in $\text{X}$ such that $\text{C}\text{A}\subset \text{A}\text{C}$. Here $0 \lt T_0 \leq \infty$, $x,y \in X$, and $f$ is an $X$-valued function defined on a subset of $\mathbb{R}$ containing $(0,T_0)$.

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Taiwanese J. Math., Volume 17, Number 3 (2013), 957-980.

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Primary: 47D60: $C$-semigroups, regularized semigroups 47D62: Integrated semigroups

local integrated C-cosine function generator abstract Cauchy problem


Kuo, Chung-Cheng. NOTE ON LOCAL INTEGRATED $\text{C}$-COSINE FUNCTIONS AND ABSTRACT CAUCHY PROBLEMS. Taiwanese J. Math. 17 (2013), no. 3, 957--980. doi:10.11650/tjm.17.2013.2234. https://projecteuclid.org/euclid.twjm/1499705993

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