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Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures (with comments and a rejoinder by the author)Leo BreimanVolume 16, Issue 3 (2001)
Bayesian model averaging: a tutorial (with comments by M. Clyde, David Draper and E. I. George, and a rejoinder by the authorsJennifer A. Hoeting, David Madigan, Adrian E. Raftery, and Chris T. VolinskyVolume 14, Number 4 (1999)
Design and Analysis of Computer ExperimentsJerome Sacks, William J. Welch, Toby J. Mitchell, and Henry P. WynnVolume 4, Number 4 (1989)
Statistical Fraud Detection: A ReviewRichard J. Bolton and David J. HandVolume 17, Issue 3 (2002)
Bootstrap Methods for Standard Errors, Confidence Intervals, and Other Measures of Statistical AccuracyB. Efron and R. TibshiraniVolume 1, Number 1 (1986)
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