Pacific Journal of Mathematics

Nonsymmetric projections in Hilbert space.

V. J. Mizel and M. M. Rao

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Pacific J. Math., Volume 12, Number 1 (1962), 343-357.

First available in Project Euclid: 14 December 2004

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Primary: 47.40


Mizel, V. J.; Rao, M. M. Nonsymmetric projections in Hilbert space. Pacific J. Math. 12 (1962), no. 1, 343--357.

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  • [4] Applications. We consider first in this section one simple appli- cation of the preceding work to a problem in probability and statistics. Our results help to clarify the situation. The operators considered operate on finite dimensional real spaces, and as is customary we consider them as matrices. Let (x, Ax) be the quadratic form of the symmetric, positive operator A on Euclidean n-
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