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Dentability, trees, and Dunford-Pettis operators on $L_1$.

Maria Girardi

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Pacific J. Math., Volume 148, Number 1 (1991), 59-79.

First available in Project Euclid: 8 December 2004

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Primary: 46B20: Geometry and structure of normed linear spaces
Secondary: 46B22: Radon-Nikodým, Kreĭn-Milman and related properties [See also 46G10] 46G10: Vector-valued measures and integration [See also 28Bxx, 46B22] 47D15


Girardi, Maria. Dentability, trees, and Dunford-Pettis operators on $L_1$. Pacific J. Math. 148 (1991), no. 1, 59--79.

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  • Errata : Maria Girardi, Zhibao Hu. Errata: ``Dentability, trees, and Dunford-Pettis operators on $L_1$''. Pacific Journal of Mathematics volume 157, issue 2, (1993), pp. 389-394.