Pacific Journal of Mathematics

Applications of subordination chains to starlike mappings in ${\bf C}^n$.

Martin Chuaqui

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Pacific J. Math., Volume 168, Number 1 (1995), 33-48.

First available in Project Euclid: 8 December 2004

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Primary: 32H02: Holomorphic mappings, (holomorphic) embeddings and related questions
Secondary: 30C45: Special classes of univalent and multivalent functions (starlike, convex, bounded rotation, etc.) 30C65: Quasiconformal mappings in $R^n$ , other generalizations 32A30: Other generalizations of function theory of one complex variable (should also be assigned at least one classification number from Section 30) {For functions of several hypercomplex variables, see 30G35}


Chuaqui, Martin. Applications of subordination chains to starlike mappings in ${\bf C}^n$. Pacific J. Math. 168 (1995), no. 1, 33--48.

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