Pacific Journal of Mathematics

On spectra of simple random walks on one-relator groups.With an appendix by Paul Jolissaint

Pierre-Alain Cherix and Alain Valette

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Pacific J. Math., Volume 175, Number 2 (1996), 417-438.

First available in Project Euclid: 6 December 2004

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Primary: 43A05: Measures on groups and semigroups, etc.
Secondary: 20F05: Generators, relations, and presentations 60B15: Probability measures on groups or semigroups, Fourier transforms, factorization 60J15


Cherix, Pierre-Alain; Valette, Alain. On spectra of simple random walks on one-relator groups. Pacific J. Math. 175 (1996), no. 2, 417--438.

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