Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series A, Mathematical Sciences

An algebraic proof of determinant formulas of Grothendieck polynomials

Tomoo Matsumura

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We give an algebraic proof of the determinant formulas for factorial Grothendieck polynomials obtained by Hudson–Ikeda–Matsumura–Naruse in [6] and by Hudson–Matsumura in [7].

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Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. A Math. Sci., Volume 93, Number 8 (2017), 82-85.

First available in Project Euclid: 3 October 2017

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Primary: 05E05: Symmetric functions and generalizations 14M15: Grassmannians, Schubert varieties, flag manifolds [See also 32M10, 51M35] 19E08: $K$-theory of schemes [See also 14C35]

Symmetric polynomials Grothendieck polynomials $K$-theory Grassmannians Schubert varieties


Matsumura, Tomoo. An algebraic proof of determinant formulas of Grothendieck polynomials. Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. A Math. Sci. 93 (2017), no. 8, 82--85. doi:10.3792/pjaa.93.82.

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