Illinois Journal of Mathematics

Quantum semigroup compactifications and uniform continuity on locally compact quantum groups

Pekka Salmi

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We introduce quantum semigroup compactifications and study the universal quantum semigroup compactification of a coamenable locally compact quantum group. If $G$ is a classical locally compact group, the universal semigroup compactification corresponds to the C*-algebra of the bounded left uniformly continuous functions on $G$, so we study the analogous C*-algebra associated with a locally compact quantum group.

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Illinois J. Math., Volume 54, Number 2 (2010), 469-483.

First available in Project Euclid: 14 October 2011

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Primary: 46L89: Other "noncommutative" mathematics based on C-algebra theory [See also 58B32, 58B34, 58J22]
Secondary: 43A99: None of the above, but in this section 46L65: Quantizations, deformations


Salmi, Pekka. Quantum semigroup compactifications and uniform continuity on locally compact quantum groups. Illinois J. Math. 54 (2010), no. 2, 469--483. doi:10.1215/ijm/1318598668.

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