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The Electronic Journal of Statistics (EJS) publishes research articles and short notes in theoretical, computational and applied statistics. The journal is open access. Articles are refereed and are held to the same standard as articles in other IMS journals. Articles become publicly available shortly after they are accepted.

EJS is sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and by the Bernoulli Society.

EJS is an open access journal. Voluntary fees or donations to the Open Access Fund are accepted. Copyright for all articles in EJS is CC BY 4.0.

Top downloads over the last seven days

Neutral noninformative and informative conjugate beta and gamma prior distributionsJouni Kerman Volume 5 (2011)
Maximum likelihood estimation in the logistic regression model with a cure fractionAba Diop, Aliou Diop, and Jean-François Dupuy Volume 5 (2011)
Beyond sigmoids: How to obtain well-calibrated probabilities from binary classifiers with beta calibrationMeelis Kull, Telmo M. Silva Filho, and Peter FlachVolume 11, Number 2 (2017)
Tests for qualitative features in the random coefficients modelFabian Dunker, Konstantin Eckle, Katharina Proksch, and Johannes Schmidt-HieberVolume 13, Number 2 (2019)
Why scoring functions cannot assess tail propertiesJonas R. Brehmer and Kirstin StrokorbVolume 13, Number 2 (2019)
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