Duke Mathematical Journal

Cluster algebras and quantum affine algebras

David Hernandez and Bernard Leclerc

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Let C be the category of finite-dimensional representations of a quantum affine algebra U q ( g ) of simply laced type. We introduce certain monoidal subcategories C ( N ) of C , and we study their Grothendieck rings using cluster algebras.

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Duke Math. J., Volume 154, Number 2 (2010), 265-341.

First available in Project Euclid: 16 August 2010

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Primary: 17B37: Quantum groups (quantized enveloping algebras) and related deformations [See also 16T20, 20G42, 81R50, 82B23]
Secondary: 16D90: Module categories [See also 16Gxx, 16S90]; module theory in a category-theoretic context; Morita equivalence and duality


Hernandez, David; Leclerc, Bernard. Cluster algebras and quantum affine algebras. Duke Math. J. 154 (2010), no. 2, 265--341. doi:10.1215/00127094-2010-040. https://projecteuclid.org/euclid.dmj/1281963651

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