Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics

Some skew symmetric inverse reflected distributions

M. Masoom Ali, Jungsoo Woo, and Saralees Nadarajah

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Skew-symmetric distributions are defined based on the reflected gamma, reflected Weibull and the reflected Pareto distributions. Expressions are derived for the probability density function, cumulative distribution functions, moments and the shape. Estimation procedures by the methods of moments and maximum likelihood and Fisher information matrices are provided. Evidence of flexibility of the distributions is shown. An application is illustrated using the Old Faithful Geyser data. Some of the attractive properties of the distributions include multimodality and polynomial tails.

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Braz. J. Probab. Stat., Volume 24, Number 1 (2010), 1-23.

First available in Project Euclid: 31 December 2009

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Cumulative distribution function moments probability density function estimation skew-symmetric distributions


Ali, M. Masoom; Woo, Jungsoo; Nadarajah, Saralees. Some skew symmetric inverse reflected distributions. Braz. J. Probab. Stat. 24 (2010), no. 1, 1--23. doi:10.1214/08-BJPS100.

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