• Bernoulli
  • Volume 12, Number 5 (2006), 761-773.

On singular values of matrices with independent rows

Shahar Mendelson and Alain Pajor

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We present deviation inequalities of random operators of the form N - 1 i =1 NX iX i from the average operator E (XX) , where X i are independent random vectors distributed as X , which is a random vector in R n or in 2 . We use these inequalities to estimate the singular values of random matrices with independent rows (without assuming that the entries are independent).

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Bernoulli, Volume 12, Number 5 (2006), 761-773.

First available in Project Euclid: 23 October 2006

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random vectors in R^n singular values of integral operators


Mendelson, Shahar; Pajor, Alain. On singular values of matrices with independent rows. Bernoulli 12 (2006), no. 5, 761--773. doi:10.3150/bj/1161614945.

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