Algebraic & Geometric Topology

Topological equivalences of E-infinity differential graded algebras

Haldun Özgür Bayındır

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Two DGAs are said to be topologically equivalent when the corresponding Eilenberg–Mac Lane ring spectra are weakly equivalent as ring spectra. Quasi-isomorphic DGAs are topologically equivalent, but the converse is not necessarily true. As a counterexample, Dugger and Shipley showed that there are DGAs that are nontrivially topologically equivalent, ie topologically equivalent but not quasi-isomorphic.

In this work, we define E topological equivalences and utilize the obstruction theories developed by Goerss, Hopkins and Miller to construct first examples of nontrivially E topologically equivalent E DGAs. Also, we show using these obstruction theories that for coconnective E F p –DGAs, E topological equivalences and quasi-isomorphisms agree. For E F p –DGAs with trivial first homology, we show that an E topological equivalence induces an isomorphism in homology that preserves the Dyer–Lashof operations and therefore induces an H F p –equivalence.

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Algebr. Geom. Topol., Volume 18, Number 2 (2018), 1115-1146.

Received: 22 May 2017
Revised: 18 October 2017
Accepted: 27 October 2017
First available in Project Euclid: 22 March 2018

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Primary: 18G55: Homotopical algebra 55P43: Spectra with additional structure ($E_\infty$, $A_\infty$, ring spectra, etc.) 55S12: Dyer-Lashof operations 55S35: Obstruction theory 55U99: None of the above, but in this section

commutative ring spectra homological algebra E-infinity DGAs


Bayındır, Haldun Özgür. Topological equivalences of E-infinity differential graded algebras. Algebr. Geom. Topol. 18 (2018), no. 2, 1115--1146. doi:10.2140/agt.2018.18.1115.

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