African Diaspora Journal of Mathematics

Real Symplectic Geometry

Reyer Sjamaar

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These are the notes of an introductory lecture series on convexity properties of the moment map, equivariant cohomology and conjugation spaces.

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Afr. Diaspora J. Math. (N.S.), Volume 9, Number 2 (2009), 34-52.

First available in Project Euclid: 31 March 2010

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Primary: 53D20: Momentum maps; symplectic reduction
Secondary: 55N9 14P25: Topology of real algebraic varieties

Hamiltonian actions Real structures equivariant cohomology


Sjamaar, Reyer. Real Symplectic Geometry. Afr. Diaspora J. Math. (N.S.) 9 (2009), no. 2, 34--52.

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