The journal Afrika Statistika publishes applied and theoretical work on research about probability, statistics, operational research, econometrics and related topics. It has been published since 2005 as an organ of the Statistics and Probability African Society (SPAS) (Société Pan Africaine de Statistiques).

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Distortion risk measures for sums of dependent lossesBrahim Brahimi, Djamel Meraghni, and Abdelhakim NecirVolume 5, Number 1 (2010)
Editorial : Special issue of Afrika Statistika on peer-reviewed selected papers from the Conference on Advanced Applied Statistics (CSAA 2014), Constantine, Algeria, 2014Dahad Kehinde Shangodoyin, Fouad Lazhar Rahmani, and Gane Samb LOVolume 10, Number 1 (2015)
Sur les estimateurs du maximum de vraisemblance dans les modèles multiplicatifs de Poisson et binomiale négativeLuciene Diégane Gning and Daniel Pierre-Loti-ViaudVolume 5, Number 1 (2010)
Modèles de Risque et Files d'Attente: La méthode de stabilité forteDjamil Aïssani and Zina BenouaretVolume 5, Number 1 (2010)
Testing independence of random vectors by inverse regressionsJean Gérard Aghoukeng Jiofack and Guy Martial NkietVolume 7, Number 1 (2012)
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