Abstract and Applied Analysis

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Lipschitz functions with unexpectedly large sets of nondifferentiability pointsMarianna Csörnyei, David Preiss and Jaroslav TišerVolume 2005, Number 4 (2005)
$q$ -Analogue of Wright FunctionMoustafa El-Shahed and Ahmed SalemVolume 2008 (2008)
On a Periodic System of Difference EquationsStevo Stević, Josef Diblík, Bratislav Iričanin and Zdeněk ŠmardaVolume 2012 (2012)
Fixed points of holomorphic mappings for domains in Banach spacesLawrence A. HarrisVolume 2003, Number 5 (2003)
Mann iterates of directionally nonexpansive mappings in hyperbolic spacesUlrich Kohlenbach and Laurenţiu LeuşteanVolume 2003, Number 8 (2003)
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