Abstract and Applied Analysis

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Bregman distances, totally convex functions, and a method for solving operator equations in Banach spacesDan Butnariu and Elena Resmerita Volume 2006 (2006)
On projection constant problems and the existence of metric projections in normed spacesEntisarat El-Shobaky, Sahar Mohammed Ali, and Wataru TakahashiVolume 6, Number 7 (2001)
A new spectral theory for nonlinear operators and its applicationsW. FengVolume 2, Number 1-2 (1997)
Multiple Positive Solutions for Semilinear Elliptic Equations in Involving Concave-Convex Nonlinearities and Sign-Changing Weight FunctionsTsing-San Hsu and Huei-Li Lin Volume 2010 (2010)
Iterative Schemes for Convex Minimization Problems with ConstraintsLu-Chuan Ceng, Cheng-Wen Liao, Chin-Tzong Pang, and Ching-Feng Wen Volume 2014, Special Issue (2014)
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